How to maintain a healthy anal region

Nobody wants an unhygienic and dark bottom. It is important to maintain good anal health in order to have a healthy and safe sex life. The skin around the anal region is thin and delicate, and therefore it can get easily irritated. An irritated anal skin can cause discomfort and can affect anal sex. In addition, an unclean and painful anal region increases your risk of infections and other health conditions.

Here are some of the tips on how to maintain a healthy anal region.

Proper cleaning


In most countries, people follow the practice of dry wiping after bowel movements. However, this method of cleansing your butt is not hygienic and clean. Even after dry wiping, some of the moist pieces of poo may stick around the edges of the anus. The best way to cleanse your butt is by using moist towelettes. Make sure you buy fragrance and dry free wet towelettes.

Right techniques for anal cleaning

Apart from using the right product for anal wiping, you need to apply good wiping techniques. The cleaning process should be safe, pleasant, and hassle-free. Wipe gently from front to back and avoid too much friction. Excess friction can cause micro tears that increase the risk of anal infections. If you are cleaning with water, do not use soap as residual soap amount can irritate the skin. Make sure you pat it dry after wet cleaning.

Change your underwear on a daily basis

Most people can wear their undergarments for days or a week. Unhygienic boxers can cause anal itching and other anal conditions. To ensure that the anal region is free from any unhygienic conditions, make sure you wear fresh and clean underwear after bathing.


Wash your anus during bathing

Your anus is a precious jewel. While bathing, make sure you wash your anus with soap and water. If you have used a public restroom and are unable to wipe your anus properly, cleanse more thoroughly when you get home. Wash the anal region before and after anal sex to reduce the transmission of bacteria or any other infection.

Shave them off

Most guys allow the hair in their butt to grow much longer. Long and unclean hair can cause discomfort and scratch around the anus. To ensure healthy and clean anus, buy a good shaver and shave them all off.

Use lubrication

hdjds7sdjhAnus does not produce any moisture. The skin around the anal part can get irritated and dry. Therefore, use lubrication during anal sex.

The above tips on how to maintain a healthy anal region will help you keep your butt clean.